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Expense Reports Notes on What to Include

June 29, 2021
  • Receipts
    • All receipts must be itemized (shows what was paid for line by line, not just a total)
    • Receipts should be attached within the expense line, not in the "attachments" tab
    • Please be sure you are attaching the receipt that corresponds with the expense line
    • Only one receipt should be provided per expense line (ie, don't scan a bunch of receipts on one PDF and submit that with same pdf with each line)
    • Please be sure your receipt is scanned in full and legible, not cut off or blurry
  • Expense Item/Spend Category
    • Don't use "office supplies" as a catch all
    • If your item is a physical good, do not use an expense item that references "services" (usually a supply or equipment SC)
      • ie, don't use "education and training services" for program supplies.
    • If you are using a "business meal" expense item, you are REQUIRED to enter all attendee names in the attendees field, an attachment will not be accepted by the service center
  • Business Purpose (Reason)
    • Business purposes do not have to be a novel, but should address what is being purchase, for whom, what it will be used for, etc.
    • Type it out as if you're explaining it to a five year old 🙂
    • avoid using acronyms
  • Memo
    • The memo field in each expense line is required. This can simply be a short description of the item/service being purchased, not a full business purpose (however, some expense items do not populate a business reason field, so Memo may be the best place to document that)