Education Scholarships to Colleges/Student Awards to Students

Jan. 21, 2021
  • Student Scholarships

    • Payments directly to youth for “scholarships” (which we should call “student awards”) will be done with a “Miscellaneous Payment” in Workday.
      • Payee type “Student Payee”
      • Memo: “Extension Youth Award”
      • Attach any backup documentation (award letter)
      • Add new payee and attach VSF- Vendor Setup Form , or choose existing payee (Please do NOT FAX or email the form, the directions on the form are incorrect.)
    • Other institution scholarships: Done with “Create Supplier Invoice Request”- for scholarship payments directly to non-OSU institutions (preferred process instead of paying individual)
      • Create Supplier Invoice Request
      • Memo: “Extension Youth Scholarship”
      • Attach any backup documentation (award letter) 
      • Choose supplier (institution) and follow through the request - IF a NEW Supplier (not in the system), please send completed vendor setup form to your section's Fiscal Liaison (once supplier is in the system, follow through with the request)
    • OSU Students: Email student information and FDM values to Pat, all OSU student scholarships are handled internally- Phone: 614-247-6236 and provide the student's name, student's OSU employee ID, award amount, scholarship name and endowment ORG and fund #.