ECM Non-Worker Travel Expenses

Jan. 29, 2022

External Committee Member (ECM) Non-Employee Reimbursement

An External Committee Member (ECM) must be created to initiate a spend authorization for individual (non-employee/guest) travel or group travel. The External Committee Member (ECM) will be used to reconcile or reimburse expenses in the Expense Report. Create an ECM for an individual or for a group. Office Associates will have the data access to be able to enter an ECM. Reach out to the Operations team if your access needs updated

Purpose of ECM: Establish Spend Authorization for a non-employee or guest

Establish reimbursement payment for a non-employee or guest. Any payment made to an ECM will be in the form of the check (no direct deposit is available).

Purpose of Group ECM: Establish Spend Authorization for a Group Travel (10+ travelers with same itinerary) and to permit reconciliation of Group expenses made with a PCard. Group ECMs should not be recycled for multiple trip usage. The Group ECM should be unique to the specific Group Trip, destination, and timeframe. 

NOTE: Requires the Expense Data Entry Specialist role to request ECM and enter ECM expenses. No vendor setup form needed.