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County to County Payments

April 28, 2022

Handle county-to-county payments within University funds when possible, not necessary to write a check -OSU to OSU

Before the expense: use the other county/department’s Worktags in the expensing. If paying for supplies/items, put other department/office’s Worktags in expensing PCard entry; if paying for another department/office staff’s travel: put other department/office’s worktags in for the SA/Expense Report and attach preapproval to use the othe county's Worktags.

After-the-fact expenses: prepare the Transfer Form and Webform for either an accounting adjustment (when it is for a payment [INV, ER, MP] and for the entire amount and just making a Worktag change) or Journal entry for a transfer (when it is a partial amount, moving an interal charge [from a journal entry] or splitting the expense between multiple worktags).

Expense/Revenue Transfer Webform
(Expense/Revenue Transfer Form)