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Confirm "Deliver To" Location Shows Floor and Room#

Jan. 25, 2021

When placing orders or entering requests, the system now requires the 'deliver to' address to show the floor and room# - the easiest way to make these changes is to X out what is there, and type in county name or office name and hit enter and it should bring up a couple of choices, be sure to select the one with the Room and Floor #s... To change this in your profile so not have to keep making this change, go to Change My Work Space / Delivery Address Update 

A couple of other places that "Deliver To" address can be changed: choose that in the drop-down choices in the LINES boxes OR at the very bottom of the entry to the right of Submit/Save for Later- click on the 3 dots ... (Ellipsis) and choose 'Edit Address' -type in your county/office name & hit Enter to find it more quickly- and be sure to choose the one with FLOOR# and ROOM#,  this will change it at the top of your entry if it shows there- and should take care of any alerts or errors in regards to 'address'.

It is important to confirm the "deliver to" location is accurate when a purchase is requested in Workday. If "deliver to" is incorrect or incomplete when requesting a purchase, can also follow the ARC How to Change Your Work Space job aid. Additionally, your building location in Workday must be correct to effectively change your work space. If your building location is incorrect, only your manager can update that information by following the Change Job Details job aid. Doing this promptly will alleviate future delivery delays. [NEWSLINK 1.25.2021]