Compreshensive Business Purpose Tells the Story

March 19, 2022

CFAES Finance created these BUSINESS PURPOSE HELPFUL HINTS overview and webpages (links below) to help ensure a complete 'Business Purpose' is part of every expense utilizing University money. Please refer to these pages when entering in Requisitions, Expense Reports, Spend Authorizations, Miscellaneous Payments, Supplier Invoice Requests, Personal Reimbursements and any type of process that involves any/all University funds.

Business Reason, Spend Category & Expense Item

Business Purpose Helpful Hints

Who/What/When/Why/Where and How Much should be included in every transaction. The more thorough, the less send backs.

When you review your REPORTS, you will see that the Business Purpose (don't need to write a book but tell-the-story) and the MEMO lines do show up there- therefore keeping to the point and precisemarked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail... will keep your reports more concise: giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.