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Common Program Numbers for Workday

Sep. 28, 2023

PG102187 Administration- please consider IF this is really needed, as Fund #s without PG#s could be considered the ADMIN fund

PG103599 OSUE 4-H Program

PG103616 FCS Programs

PG103682 Agricultural and Natural Resources Program

PG103555 Community Development

PG103622 Master Gardener

PG103595 OSUE 4-H Carteens

PG105103 Camps

When is it recommended to use a PG#?
When needing something specific for tracking. Can always request a new value, but it's best to find a good balance. For example, could use a Camp program value for revenue and expense related to camp, but decide if it’s really necessary to be that detailed, and if running it all through the 4-H program value is good enough. Consider using the least amount of additional carryforward worktags to meet your expense/revenue tracking needs. The more worktags required for tracking, the more likely errors and omissions will occur leading to more difficult fund maintenance. (IE: a PG value for the ANR program in conjunction with an assignee value for the ANR educator may be redundant).

Prefer to use PG#s with FD111 and FD523. Generally Program Numbers should not be used with FD522 or FD500/FD510 (better to request GF3xxxxx gift worktag).

Moving money into PG#s:

As for assigning past expenses to PG to have the equity reflected, the easiest way is via funds transfer. If there is shadow accounting to inform what balances should be available in the program values wanting to use, can simply move equity from FD111 to FD111-PGxxxxx with current expenses being part of that equity (as opposed to the dozens of accounting adjustments necessary to go back to add a program value). Then once the starting equity is established, just be sure any new revenues or expenses are coded with that program value, and workday can maintain the current balance for reporting.