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To Close Spend Authorizations

April 24, 2023

Only close Spend Authorizations whose dates have passed, or you are SURE you will no longer need.

in workday Search for: MY Spend Authorizations

In the table that should open up, click the … (3 dots) by the magnifying glass clear to the left side of screen

Click on blue link to SA#, in black bar at the top -click the … (3 dots) at the end of the words

This should open a new window- HOVER over ACTIONS and HOVER over Spend Authorization and click on CHANGE or EDIT – or even CLOSE (if the dates are past it likely won’t have the Edit/change options), Choosing to close here should cancel it out, if it’s edit/change, you may have to click 3 dots by the SA# to find the Close or Cancel button…