Change Order for Purchase Orders

Feb. 12, 2021

Change Order for PO:

Create Requisition – open a second window with Workday to find existing PO so the FDM #s can be duplicated exactly in this new request to ADD money to an existing PO.

Will look as if ordering something NEW- be sure to put in ALL MEMO fields even though not marked as required, these act as the Business purpose (copy to Word so you can just paste each time!). Be sure to include the first PO# in the Memo.

Filling out blanks - for Requisition Type, use "Change Order Request" - after correct fund info is in- OK, under Select an Option, choose "Non-Catalog Items", next screen under "Non Catalog Request Type" choose between Request Goods or Request Service (Request Service will need Skilled Trades Service Agreement attached).  Supplier will need to be in the system for either choice.

Fill in all fields to match original PO- being sure to ADD the new amount to the existing amount on first requisition for this change order needs the increased full amount as the new PO amount.

Click on ADD to CART, click on CART image to View Cart- Click on Checkout - submit.

IF you save for later- it likely will not keep the MEMO field info- and you’ll have to view cart again to Checkout again, in order to get back to SUBMIT button.