Certificates for Tax Exempt States for Out-of-State Travelers

May. 9, 2023

While planning to travel out-of-state, one thing to consider is looking up to find if the state you are traveling to is exempt for state sales tax. Find the list on the Business and Finance website:

  • Click on University Business TAB at top left
  • Click on right side: Sales and Excise Tax
  • Click the link in first paragraph 'Sales and Use Taxes" and in that new page scroll to the bottom to find the listing (as of Nov 2022) for "Tax Exempt States", "Non-Tax Exempt States" and "States with NO Sales Tax" listing.
  • Scroll to find the state you are traveling to and IF they are in the "Tax Exempt States" column, PRINT and TAKE that certificate with you as you check-in to your hotel and any other business that will honor the no tax exemption.