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Camp and Camp Deposit Payments

June 28, 2021

Affiliated Camps' payments and deposits are paid on Miscellaneous Payments in Workday, if a requisition has been put in, it will have to be sent back.

  • Put “affiliated camp” in description and use "Affiliated Payment" as Request Category and RE-Regular for Handling Code, EFT payments are preferred
  • Attach an invoice for that specific amount (Can be an email)
  • All camps should be in the system as “payees”- work with name if not found as in use abbreviations or shorten name in order to try to find. If cannot be found, check with Jesse Buxton before creating a new one as some may be under a different name. (Camp Ohio is under Agricultural Extension Camps)
  • Possible Spend Categories: SC10726 meeting facilities rental
  • If majority of registration revenue is collected locally, still fine to make local check payment for camp fees (affiliate and non-affiliate), can only be over $1,000 if to affiliate camp payment. MP is preferred if most payments came in via credit card (and local check can be sent to FD111 to cover balance of invoice due from the few locally deposited registrations). Camps that accept Credit Cards, have no contracts and under $5K can be paid with PCard.

NON-Affiliated camps have to be on a Purchase Order if on a contract-not checking account or Misc. Payment.

Other Considerations:

  • Prefer that camps pay staff (nurse, entertainment, etc.) and include those costs in their invoices. This will eliminate the possiblity of multiple Purchase Orders and should not use Gift Cards/honoraria in lieu of payment for services like these.
  • For camp food, use Student Group Meals


  • Canter's Cave 4-H Camp
  • 4-H Camp Clifton
  • 4-H CampConger
  • 4-H Camp Graham
  • Hervida 4-H Camp
  • Indian Hills 4-H Camp (In Workday as Miami County 4-H Clubs Camp, Inc.)
  • Kelley's Island 4-H Camp
  • Camp Ohio Youth Education Center (In Workday as Agricultural Extension Camps)
  • Camp Palmer
  • Camp Piedmont
  • Tar Hollow 4-H Camp (In Workday as Ross-Hocking Extension Camp Association Inc)
  • Camp Whitewood
BCI Reimbursements for Camp Volunteers:

To reimburse BCI expenses:  BCI Background Check Reimbursements [IE: Camp Counselors]- use same process as 4-H Volunteers (Create Expense Report for Non-Worker) -just use the County Worktags instead of State 4-H Worktags.