Bank Reconciliation Process- June 30 Balance

June 16, 2020

There will be a quick turn-around-time to collect checking account balances as this time we need to collect July 2019 through June 30, 2020. The Treasurer’s Office is asking to see June 30th balances.

Please fill out the Bank Reconciliation Webform and email the Bank Reconciliation Form with June bank statement as soon as you can obtain that. Approval has been given for Fiscal Office Associates (or Budget Steward if no Fiscal OA in office) to obtain and open the bank statements for all 12 months and -very importantly- for June. These can be downloaded from online banking for those setup to do so- please ask the person who can login to get you this information soon. For those whose statements would come AFTER July 6th- please  call the bank and ask them to capture June’s info –to include the balance on June 30th- and email to you. Any signer on the account should be able to request this information be sent to you from your bank. We must have your information returned to us by July 8th.

Ahead of time, please fill in all the months’ balances that you possibly can up through June on the Bank Reconciliation Form.

In 2021 the process likely will be moving to a monthly process where we will ask for information very similar to what we are doing now, just more often.