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Asset Management (Inventory): Tracking and Disposal of Assets

March 27, 2024

Each year, our organization is asked to take stock (INVENTORY) of what we are managing in our offices. As a public institution responsible to our constituents, items located either in our offices or managed by them, need to be accounted for within our Workday system.

Each office with registered assets will be receiving an email both to the previous Asset Managers within local offices, Office Coordinators and Area Leaders to complete this task.

Once the email is received the office will have 3-4 weeks to locate and verify that the asset remains in good working order. This should not take more than a few minutes of your time to verify assets purchased and maintained by your respective offices are still indeed in service and remain in your office. If the item(s) are no longer in working order or are not locatable, then we will need to update the asset’s current state. The Extension Operations Team has worked diligently since the Workday transition to eliminate items no longer in service. With your assistance, this will remain an easy and quick task.

Below are further links to assist you in understanding process and policy regarding assets within our local offices:

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