Amex Cards to PCards

Oct. 20, 2020

You may have seen some recent updates from OSP or the Controller’s Office that the OSP Amex card program is going away, and they will begin to issue new PNC Visa cards for OSP projects in late December.

For anyone that has an Amex card -and not in SNAP-Ed- we are waiting for when the Service Center has updated the PCard application webform. If the PCard Office receives any requests via Docusign that weren’t initiated by the SC, those requests will be rejected. Amex holders will need to get their cards replaced in time for Workday, but necessary to wait for the instruction from CFAES to do so. University PCards (our current department cards) won’t require any action as we move to Workday. As a reminder, our normal department cards will still not be able to be used for OSP grant purchases in Workday. However, the new OSP PCards can be used for multiple grants, not just a specific one as the Amex cards are set up now.