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American Income Life Insurance

Jan. 29, 2022

For American Income Life Insurance, right now a PO is the only way to go (NON-CATALOG  Requisition TYPE). Please submit a requisition for your payment amount, but when you look them up in the system, note that their name is abbreviated there:

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Description automatically generated

The requisition (PO request) will need to have an amount. Either estimate for annual renewals or put in amount from the renewal form for the 'one-off' coverages.

In the PO request, it is okay to attach the renewal form as a "quote" - when the PO# is created and added to the PO request, you can either create your own Invoice or use the Renewal Form, being sure to do these steps below then email to (attaching this invoice or renewal form to the PO request WILL NOT get it paid).

For annual renewals, clearly TYPE the PO number by editing the Invoice PDF (being sure there is an Invoice DATE and Invoice #) before sending to AP. The ONLY format for a PO# so it can be read by AP's software is PO-1000XXXXXX.

For the “one-off” coverage policies, take the “form” received from AIL, either already in PDF format or scanned to PDF, and type in all the numbers for the payment calculation and type the given PO# from the request (PO-1000xxxxxx) at the top and put the “invoice number” by the policy number on the form- or the Policy # CAN BE the INVOICE #.

Another note: please create an Invoice # that is unique by including the date plus the Serial # or the Policy # from AIL- this will ensure that the correct account is credited.

. NOTE: AIL is a Net30 supplier and invoices should be dated at least 30 days prior to the due date. If that is before the date you are entering the requisition, it should be marked as an ATF type req. The “invoice” can be attached to the req as backup, but will still need emailed to once you receive the PO#.