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Accounting Adjustment or Journal Transfer Request?

March 19, 2022

There are a couple of methods to make corrections for our transactions in Workday:

  • Accounting Adjustment
  • Journal Transfer

Accounting Adjustments are appropriate when adding/changing/removing a Worktag(s) in FULL from a original expense (INV# (from Req/PO or SIR), ER# or MP#, for the most part from county funds (FD523, FD111, FD500, etc.) as long as there is money to cover it. Not required to do the transfer form, can send an email giving details with the Expense ID and new Worktags to the Fiscal Liaison for your section of the state.

  • Accounting Adjustments route for approval based upon which Worktags were changed, added, or removed.
  • Accounting Adjustments become viewable on the original transaction.
  • Dollar amount cannot be changed.
  • Accounting Adjustment Webform

Journal Transfers are when we are moving an Internal charge (from a Journal entry) or splitting the expense between multiple Worktags... and for Requisitions.

Payroll changes are handled by Costing/Payroll Accounting Adjustment process.

If unsure which method to use, best to ask or submit the webform and Fiscal Team can decide.

The Fiscal Liaisons can do the above, but FUND Transfers must be handled by Jesse Buxton.