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Federal Funding

Federal Funding – Extension Only

Multi-State and Integrated Research and Extension Funding

AREERA = Agricultural Research, Extension Education Reform Act of 1998

The Agricultural Research, Extension and Education Reform Act of 1998 (AREERA) requires approved Extension and research plans of work from Extension and research to receive federal funding. AREERA outlines specific guidelines for these plans of work.

  • Plan of Work: The AREERA plans of work pertains only to the Smith-Lever 3(b)&(c), Hatch, Evans-Allen and 1890 Extension funds. If there is a substantive change in planned programs, a Plan of Work Update should be submitted to CSREES for review by July 1, before the beginning of the next fiscal year. 
  • Annual Report of Accomplishments: an Annual Report of Accomplishments and Results is due on or before March 1 of each year.
  • Integrated Research and Extension: Ohio State is required to spend 25 percent of Smith-Lever Act (Section 3(b) & (c)) funds on Integrated research and Extension Activities 
  • Multi-State Extension: Ohio State is required to spend 25 percent of Smith-Lever Act (Section 3(b) & (c)) funds on Multi-state Extension Activities 

Ohio submits a combined report that includes 1862 Agricultural Experiment Station Research (OARDC), and 1862 Ohio State University Extension. 

Plan of Work and Annual Report of Accomplishments

Information is pulled from the Vita [formerly Research in View (RiV)] system to prepare the annual reports needed to satisfy AREERA. Extension and OARDC personnel enter detailed information about the programs they do into this system. More information can be found on the Extension Program Development and Evaluation Website

Integrated Research and Extension and Multi-State Extension

Information for the Integrated Research and Extension requirement is pulled from a variety of sources. 

  • Research in View (RiV) – Reporting by CFAES professionals Extension Program Development and Evaluation Website
  • Quarterly Time and Effort Certification – for individuals with appointments that are jointly paid (OARDC and OSU Extension). This certification is completed through the department chairs and unit leaders involved.
  • Overnight Travel Reimbursement Process  Extension overnight travel forms and eTravel request submissions capture travel that is research and Extension related. 
  • Bi-Monthly Survey  every other month a survey is sent out from Roger Rennekamp (director of Extension) to anyone with a federally-funded OSU Extension appointment. This asks personnel to self-report any additional Integrated activities not captured by the three methods listed above.
    • Activity Tracking Log – an alternative to the survey. Used by those individuals whose responsibilities require much multi-state activity. 

Federal Reporting Job Aid

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