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Transfer Forms

Expense/Revenue Transfer Webform

Expense/Revenue Transfer Form

Travel Forms

Travel Comparison Worksheet

Updated Ground Transportation Log - to be used for in-state mileage Expense Reports from approved Spend Authorizations

Business and Finance Links:

City of Columbus Certificate of Exemption, Hotel/Motel Excise Tax - Certificate exempting employees from Columbus Hotel/Motel tax when staying on University business

Sales and Use Taxes – The Ohio State University tax status as of January 2020 – find the Tax Exempt or Non-Tax Exempt States or States with No Sales Tax

Budget Forms

Calendar Year Budget Worksheet – (optional) to manually track month to month expenses for a fund, sometimes used for county commissioner budgeting.

County Appropriation Authorization Form – to report appropriation awards and request the Business Office to invoice for appropriations and other contracts.

Program Activity Summary Worksheet – (optional) to track activity by program in a county.

Program Budget Tool – (optional) to track revenue and expenses by program in a county.

Workshop Budget Worksheet – (optional) to plan and report expenses for workshops.

Miscellaneous Forms

Review/Entry Fillable Form - In-office review before purchase, aid for entering into Workday

Translator Tool: To convert chartfield to new Workday tags.

Extension Release Time/ Cost Share form- Form to authorize payroll participation on OSP project

Employee Non-Cash Reporting Form - to report all clothing & uniforms and non-cash items provided to employees (e.g., apparel, gifts, prizes, awards, etc.).

OSU Extension Deposit Transmittal Form - Extension staff use for sending checks to Columbus for deposit.

University Service Agreement Request Form - use prior to utilizing any non-contracted skilled trade supplier to provide work for OSU.

Departmental State of Ohio Sales Tax Reporting Form - to account for and report Ohio Sales Tax

LINK to Vendor Setup Form

OPERS form - use with Vendor Setup Form for Individuals & Sole Proprietors

Link to OSP Cost Transfer Form


Transfer Forms


Expense/Revenue Transfer Form – to request FDM corrections, move an expense or revenue to another fund, and to pay for specific expenses between University departments. Typically requires a copy of DETAIL REPORT to verify the location of the original transaction.

Fund Transfer Form (RARE) – to request the movement of cash from one university fund to another university fund that is not associated with an expense or revenue (see Expense Transfer). Consult with Operations before requesting a Fund Transfer.


External Forms

PCard Tracking Log (Non-Travel) - To track the purchases on the PCard that do not have travel. Linked from the Office of Business and Finance.

PCard Tracking Log (Travel) - To track the purchases on the PCard that have travel. Linked from the Office of Business and Finance.

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