Access Request for Financial Systems

This webform, on the CFAES Website, is for CFAES employees to gain access to university systems such as eRequest, eReports, eTravel and PeopleSoft.

Budget Forms

Calendar Year Budget Worksheet – (optional) to manually track month to month expenses for a fund, sometimes used for county commissioner budgeting.

County Appropriation Authorization Form – to report appropriation awards and request the Business Office to invoice for appropriations and other contracts.

Program Activity Summary Worksheet – (optional) to track activity by program in a county.

Program Budget Tool – (optional) to track revenue and expenses by program in a county.

Workshop Budget Worksheet – (optional) to plan and report expenses for workshops.

Miscellaneous Forms

4-H Volunteer Background Check Reimbursement Form – Due the 15th of each month for submitted volunteer background check reimbursements. 

Employee Non-Cash Reporting Form - to report all clothing & uniforms and non-cash items provided to employees (e.g., apparel, gifts, prizes, awards, etc.).

PAT Registration Tracking Form – for registrations that have not been entered/captured by Cvent.

Contract Submission Form: Space Rentals – to document liability questions regarding space use agreements (attach to an eRequest).

Insurance Tracking Form – (webform) to track insurance payments paid from the checking account or PCard.

OSU Extension Deposit Transmittal Form - Extension staff use for sending checks to Columbus for deposit.

University Non-Contracted Skilled Trades Process - use prior to utilizing any non-contracted skilled trade supplier to provide work for OSU.

Departmental State of Ohio Sales Tax Reporting Form - to account for and report Ohio Sales Tax

Standard Expense Account Numbers 

Standard Revenue Account Numbers

Local Checking Account 

Bank Reconciliation Form: December – to report bank reconciliation and statements in December for local checking accounts.

Bank Reconciliation Form: June – to report bank reconciliation and statements in June for local checking accounts.

Safeguard Checking Supply Order Form - Webform & eRequest Internal Order for ordering Cash Receipt Journal, Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursement Journal

**NOTE: to order checks, covers, etc... please contact Sherry Freier - - Phone: 614-486-2752 - Fax: 614-488-8198

Local Checking Account Tools – three tools to track transactions processed from the Extension local checking accounts.

Local Checking Account and Pcard Restrictions – list of items not allowable from the local checking account or pcard, alternative procurement methods advised.


Temporary PCard Manager

Transfer Forms

Expense/Revenue Transfer Form – to request chartfield corrections, move an expense or revenue to another fund, and to pay for specific expenses between University departments. Typically requires a copy of your eReport (GL) to verify the location of the original transaction. See Job Aids for more information on submitting this form.

Fund Transfer Form (RARE) – to request the movement of cash from one university fund to another university fund that is not associated with an expense or revenue (see Expense Transfer). Consult with Operations before requesting a Fund Transfer.


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