Local Checking Monthly Reporting

Reporting Checking Account Balances, Expenses and Income

Offices with checking accounts are to report the previous month's bank statement information: begin balance, total of all expenses and total of all income from that statement, ending balance along with the end date and to confirm that this matches with your records. As part of the new monthly reporting process required by the University for Workday, complete the form below by the 3rd Monday of each month and upload the bank statement in the ***OneDrive folder for your county.

Important that you check your figures before submitting, as we will use your monthly net income/expense to update our total cash balance for local checking accounts on the University's general ledger.

Very important that all counties are timely in reporting and have the information submitted before the 3rd Monday of each month.

***OneDrive: access OneDrive in the File Explorer window-should see XXX Co Bank Statements folder - just don’t DRAG and DROP there as it will REMOVE the file from the other folder on computer - but can copy/paste.OR type in email.osu.edu in your browser, log into MS Office 365 and then choose the blue cloud OneDrive on the left side and under name in the gray column, open SHARED to find the XXX Co Bank Statements folder


If the 12-month average balance is over $20K a check needs sent to Columbus for deposit in the Miscellaneous Fund.

Extension policy requires that bank balances be less than ANNUAL average of $20,000.00. IF the annual average amount is greater than $20,000, deposit money into your University Miscellaneous Designated Fund. Write the check to The Ohio State University, send with the Extension Deposit Transmittal Form to Dawnn Brown (address on the form) then send a copy of the deposit form only to snyder.252@osu.edu. Deposit using RC1186 for Revenue Category, the description "Reduce local checking account balance". 


OSU Extension ________________ County/Office

Always include CC and BL when entering Cost Center and Balancing Unit #s

1 Start 2 Complete
type one-word county/office name- the rest is provided!
Please include CC
Please include BL
Only the total of expenses that show on the previous month statement- DO count any bank fees. Do not count outstanding checks. Do not enter $ sign. Enter a 0 if none. Do NOT use + or - signs.
Only count the income that shows on the previous month statement- DO count Interest. Do not count any outstanding deposits. Do not enter $ sign. Enter a 0 if none. Do NOT use + or - signs.
Ending date on previous month's bank statement.
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