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Job Aids

Funds and Usage list - List of type of funds, worktag descriptions, and program value shortlist Short List - Expense Items
Fund Types Bookmarker - Printable Fund's Bookmarker Spend Categories - in Workday
County Cost Center list  Acronyms list - List of Extension use acronyms
Spend Categories - Short List Affiliated Camp list - List of affiliated camps
Revenue Categores - Short List Understanding County Funds
Common Program Numbers- Short List: Workday Worktags Buying Tool Decision Tree
Local Checking Account and Pcard Restrictions – list of items not allowable from the local checking account
or pcard, alternative procurement methods advised.


Fiscal Guidance How to Order Items from Staples in Workday
  Weapons Exemption Template
Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices Find a Supplier - useful to finding contact information for returns
Note: click on "Find a Supplier", then search for supplier
Ordering Supplies Through UniPrint

What to Include on Invoice

View Supplier Invoice

Order/Pay for OSU Extension Publications

Magnetic Springs Water Delivery
Link: PCard Office Introduction to NelNet Commerce Manager

PCard Monitoring and Compliance

NelNet Job Aid
PCard Office Process Flow Chart NelNet Statement Info Sheet
PCard Checklist NelNet Overview - PPt - QR Code Creation Process & NelNet Overview
Local Checking Account and Pcard Restrictions NelNet Overview & QR Code Creation - Video
  NelNet Transfers De-Calculator - help with figuring SALES TAX


Link: Travel Office Link: Workday
Blanket In-State Mileage Change My Work Space / Delivery Address Update 
Overnight Travel External Committee Member (ECM) Non-Employee Reimbursement
Booking Airfare for Yourself in Concur BCI Background Check Reimbursements
Click Here for Video - Creating a Spend Authorization and Expense Report in Workday for Blanket Travel Merchandise - CFAES promotional materials and merchandise - apparel
Bus Rental Translator Tool use to look up Worktags to replace account#s, fund#s, org#s, etc.
GET Card - Group/Extended Travel Card Miscellaneous Payee and Miscellaneous Payments
Travel Comparison Worksheet See Checking Account INFO on Local Checking Account Info page
OSP, Grants, and Awards
Facilities and Administrative Costs CFAES Internal Process for F&A Waiver Requests
Workday :  How to initiate or change a supplier contract (aka subaward) Award Management
Requesting PI Status Epa-005 guidance
Office for Research and Graduate Education Sponsored Project or Gift 
One Pager Guidelines for Completing and Routing the ePA-005 - Seeking Approval for Authorization for receiving external funding  
PI Portal Tip Sheet CFAES 2023  


For now, use these reports in Workday to help find balances, income and expense entries:
Equity Balances by Balancing/Carry Forward Worktags 
Sources and Uses-Variance Analysis - using a report to identify and understand the source(s) of a variance.
Find Journal Lines - OSU - Detail level, fiscal year, open report-in red bar, can adjust report, Download to Excel – filter by fund/Spend Category/ or run pivot tables in Excel data
Gift Management – Managerial Gift Report, Find Gift Details by Organization, Detail Gift Accounting Report


IT/Information Technology
IT SERVICES - Accounts and Access, Hardware, Software Resource Guide - IRS Reporting Non-Cash Items
Service Desk - Self Service Link Docusign - use to obtain signatures electronically
OTDI IT Purchasing - List of items needing IT Approval and how to obtain. Review/Entry Fillable Form - In-office review before purchase
  Extension Offices Process to Order MFDs (Copiers)