Job Aids

Funds and Usage list - List of type of funds, worktag descriptions, and program value shortlist Short List - Expense Items
Fund Types Bookmarker - Printable Fund's Bookmarker Spend Categories - in Workday
County Cost Center list  Acronyms list - List of Extension use acronyms
Short List - Spend Categories Affiliated Camp list - List of affiliated camps
Short List - Revenue Categories Understanding County Funds
Program List - Program List of common program codes used in Extension Buying Tool Decision Tree
Local Checking Account and Pcard Restrictions – list of items not allowable from the local checking account or pcard, alternative procurement methods advised.  
Spend Categories - Short List without PeopleSoft #s Revenue Categores - Short List without PeopleSoft #s


Fiscal Guidance What to Include on Invoice
Ordering office supplies through Staples View Supplier Invoice
Ordering Extension PUBS

Find a Supplier - useful to finding contact information for returns
Note: click on "Find a Supplier", then search for supplier

Find A Supplier

Scroll down to find contact

Supplier Example

Ordering Supplies Through UniPrint
Magnetic Springs Water Delivery


Link: PCard Office Introduction to NelNet Commerce Manager

PCard Monitoring and Compliance

NelNet Job Aid
PCard Office Process Flow Chart NelNet Statement Info Sheet
  NelNet Overview


Link: Travel Office Link: Workday
Travel - Blanket In-State Mileage/Ground Transportation Change My Work Space / Delivery Address Update 
Overnight Travel External Committee Member (ECM) Non-Employee Reimbursement
Booking Airfare for Yourself in Concur NEW PROCESS! BCI Background Check Reimbursements
Click Here for Video - Creating a Spend Authorization and Expense Report in Workday for Blanket Travel Merchandise - CFAES promotional materials and merchandise - apparel
Bus Rental Translator Tool use to look up Worktags to replace account#s, fund#s, org#s, etc.
GET Card - Group/Extended Travel Card  
Travel Comparison Worksheet  
OSP, Grants, and Awards
Facilities and Administrative Costs CFAES Internal Process for F&A Waiver Requests
Workday :  How to initiate or change a supplier contract (aka subaward) Award Management
Requesting PI Status Epa-005 guidance
Office for Research and Graduate Education Sponsored Project or Gift 
One Pager Guidelines for Completing and Routing the ePA-005 - Seeking Approval for Authorization for receiving external funding  
PI Portal Tip Sheet CFAES 2023  


For now, use these reports in Workday to help find balances, income and expense entries:
Equity Balances by Balancing/Carry Forward Worktags 
Sources and Uses-Variance Analysis - using a report to identify and understand the source(s) of a variance.
Find Journal Lines - OSU - Detail level, fiscal year, open report-in red bar, can adjust report, Download to Excel – filter by fund/Spend Category/ or run pivot tables in Excel data
Managerial Trial Balance
Gift Management – Managerial Gift Report, Find Gift Details by Organization, Detail Gift Accounting Report


IT/Information Technology
IT SERVICES - Accounts and Access, Hardware, Software Resource Guide - IRS Reporting Non-Cash Items
Service Desk - Self Service Link Docusign - use to obtain signatures electronically
OTDI IT Purchasing - List of items needing IT Approval and how to obtain. Review/Entry Fillable Form - In-office review before purchase
  Name Badge Orders - for new Extension employees