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Reconciliation Process
CFAES Finance has created a monthly Reconciliation Checklist for cost centers to complete each month.
Extension Operations has customized this checklist to help county offices understand the expectations
of reviewing monthly financial reports.
Many aspects of the monthly reconciliation process are performed by Extension Operations or CFAES
The “county checklist” tab on the spreadsheet should be completed monthly by each county
cost center, signed as performed (OSC) and reviewed (Fiscal Steward), and maintained in a physical
file or shared network file to be available for internal audit upon request.
This is a new document and is subject to edits, so please be sure to download a new version of this
spreadsheet from Extension Operations each month.
While offices have been performing reviews of monthly financials, this checklist helps to formalize the
process and meet or exceed our internal controls and be prepared for audit.
Please address any questions on completing the checklist to Jesse Buxton.