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Expense/Revenue Transfers

Expense/Revenue Transfer WEBFORM

Expense/Revenue Transfers are to request FDM corrections, move an expense or revenue from one FDM segment to another (needs a Detail report showing Worktags expensed to-including SC# and Ledger Account #), and to pay for specific expenses between University departments (needs an invoice from county needing paid that has their Worktags to credit on the invoice).

Fill out the Webform below and Transfer Form:

Expense/Revenue Transfer Form - To attach to webform. Now with OSP Cost Transfer Explanation Form on the next sheet.

*Resources to complete the webform and transfer form: (being sure to match Worktags from Workday reports when doing Expense transfers)

NOTE: if an OSP FD520 is in a transfer request, please include the PI name on the Transfer Form, and fill out the OSP Cost Transfer Form- which is the 2nd TAB on the Transfer Form.

Typically requires a copy of a DETAIL REPORT(to verify the location of the original transaction) and the Expense/Revenue Transfer Form with a clear Business Reason of WHY the change is needed. Please include in that report: the payment transaction ID (Expense Report #, Misc Payment #, Supplier Invoice #, etc). It has to be the payment ID, not the request ID (so a PO or Req number for example won't work). And in the Detail Report show the column that has the LEDGER ACCOUNT number and the Spend Category number.

COPY TRANSFERS: no Detail Report- but a TALLY spreadsheet is needed to show HOW the amount was figured- # copies B/W or Color at what cost per each -totaled per time period, along with the Transfer Form- include on the Transfer Form: SC10559, put '63000 Ledger' in the Additional Worktags column and put 'COPY TALLY' in Transaction ID column.

Keep in-office the pre-approval for the transfer if own Worktags, combine pre-approval with one of the other files to upload- IF using Worktags that are not your county's Worktags.

For Bulk Transfers/Internal Registrations: use the SAME SC# (Spend Category #s) [can use SC10663 for internal registrations] in both the CREDIT and DEBIT lines on Transfer form. For external Credit Card/Check payments use RC1163 for miscellaneous revenue.

Fiscal Staff: This will determine if it can be done with an accounting adjustment, or if a journal entry needs done.

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