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Accounting Adjustment Request

Please have the Expense ID- INV-XXXXXXXXXX # or ER-XXXXXXXXXX # and the new/correct Worktags in front of you in order to fill in the Webform below.

If the INV or ER has multiple lines, please indicate which line(s) and amount(s) need changed.

Accounting Adjustments are appropriate when adding/changing/removing a Worktag(s) in FULL from an original expense, INV-XXXXXXXXXX (from RQ/PR or SIR) or ER-XXXXXXXXXX. The adjustment hits the General Ledger in the period in which the adjustment is made.

AA can be done if it was for a payment (INV,ER) and we are moving the entire expense to the new Worktag combination. Journals have to be done via Expense/Revenue Transfer Form - Expense/Revenue Transfer Webform

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