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OSU Extension Monthly Financial Review Checklist
Reconciliation Process Review Checklist


Accounting Adjustments & Expense Transfers

Accounting Adjustment Request Webform

Accounting Adjustments are appropriate when adding/changing/removing a Worktag(s) in FULL from an original expense, INV-XXXXXXXXXX (from RQ/PR or SIR) or ER-XXXXXXXXXX.

Expense/Revenue Transfer Webform

Expense/Revenue Transfer Form – To request FDM corrections, move an expense or revenue to another fund, and to pay for specific expenses between University departments. Typically requires a copy of DETAIL REPORT to verify the location of the original transaction, for county-to-county please upload an invoice that has the Worktags to credit.

NelNet Transfer Webform

NelNet Transfer Form - To request moving NelNet RC1163 money in FD111 into Program numbers in FD111.

Documentation needed: in the Webform upload the NelNet Revenue Transfer Form and a Find Journal Lines-OSU report that shows the RC1163 totaled with 3% subtracted off for Credit Card fees to be left in FD111.

  Fund Transfer Request – To request the movement of equity from one set of worktags to another that is not associated with an original expense or revenue transaction (see Expense Transfer). Consult with Operations before requesting a Fund Transfer.
  OSP Cost Transfer Form - Required for any transaction moving costs on to a sponsored project or between sponsored projects.


Travel Forms
Updated Ground Transportation Log To be used for in-state mileage Expense Reports from approved Spend Authorizations
Travel Comparison Worksheet To be used for travel to neighboring states 
Tax Exempt States OSU tax status with these states
City of Columbus Certificate of Exemption, Hotel/Motel Excise Tax Certificate exempting employees from Columbus Hotel/Motel tax when staying on University business


Business and Finance Links
Sales and Use Taxes The Ohio State University tax status as of January 2020 - To find the Tax Exempt or Non-Tax Exempt States or States with No Sales Tax
Sales Tax Reporting Qualtrics Survey To account for and report Ohio Sales Tax
Dollar General Tax-Exempt Approval Good for 5 years, take this form to the store and not pay tax on purchases


PCard Tracking Log (Non-Travel) To track the purchases on the PCard that do not have travel. Linked from the Office of Business and Finance.
PCard Tracking Log (Travel) To track the purchases on the PCard that have travel. Linked from the Office of Business and Finance.


Budget Forms
Calendar Year Budget Worksheet (optional) To manually track month to month expenses for a fund, sometimes used for county commissioner budgeting.
County Appropriation Authorization Form To report appropriation awards and request the Business Office to invoice for appropriations and other contracts.
Program Activity Summary Worksheet (optional) To track activity by program in a county.
Program Budget Tool (optional) To track revenue and expenses by program in a county.
Workshop Budget Worksheet (optional) To plan and report expenses for workshops.


supplier Forms
Supplier/Payee Setup Form (formerly known as Vendor Setup Form)

Use with Supplier/Payee Setup Form for Individuals & Sole Proprietors




Miscellaneous Forms

Review/Entry Fillable Form

In-office review before purchase, aid for entering into Workday
OSU Extension Deposit Transmittal Form Extension staff use for sending checks to Columbus for deposit and to Detroit for OSP deposits.
Employee Taxable Reporting Form To report all clothing, and non-cash items provided to employees (e.g., apparel, gifts, prizes, awards, etc.).
Non-Employee Gift/Award Tax Tracking

To report all taxable items given to non-employees (e.g., apparel, gifts, gift cards, prizes, taxable awards, etc.)

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