Bank Reconciliation December 2019


To be completed biannually and due to Operations Fiscal by December 31st (January 14th for those with limited time in the office).  Please email the December Bank Reconciliation Form and the NOVEMBER 2019 bank statement to along with any supporting documentation and fill out the form below. This is the link for the form: Bank Reconciliation Form -or the form can be found on the Operations webpage on the Extension Finance TAB on the OSU Extension Forms page:

Extension policy requires that bank balances must be less than annual average of $20,000.00. If the annual average amount is greater than $20,000, please choose one of the following options:

1) Deposit money into your University Miscellaneous Designated Fund (060xxx-061xxx). Please do NOT deposit into a Development Fund as the money does not appear on the eReports until 180 days later- much too late to show proof of deposit when we need to report our local checking account balances to the University Treasurer's Office. Send a check with the Extension Deposit Transmittal Form to Dawnn Brown (address on the form). Deposit using account 41225 and description "Reduce local checking account balance". Then send a copy of the eReport that shows the deposit or a copy of the transfer form to along with your November bank statement and December Bank Reconciliation Form and fill out the form below.

2) Request a one-year exception to the policy, which will be reviewed to determine if your request is appropriate and essential for Extension business. Please provide a letter and documentation supporting such an exception with your November bank statement, December Bank Reconciliation Form and fill out the form below. If you have already received an exception approval, return a copy of that authorization letter with your November bank statement, December Bank Reconciliation Form and fill out the form below.

Three parts 1) NOV bank statement 2) DEC Bank Reconciliation Form (both emailed) 3) fill out the UNIT INFORMATION below.


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