CES Secret Friend Information

The Secret Friend Activity is designed so CES members can get to know fellow members better. You are invited to participate in this informal, voluntary arrangement. You are encouraged to commit to sending (anonymously) notes, cards and remembrances throughout the year.

The information you provide will be shared with a fellow CES member that will get matched to you as your Secret Friend and you will receive an information sheet as well for another CES member who participates in this activity.

Let your imagination be your guide, not needing to spend much money, just be thoughtful in your sending. It is always fun to be on the receiving end, so in fairness to all involved, we ask you to be considerate in keeping the spending at a minimal amount. Remember, “It’s the Thought That Counts!”

To become another member’s Secret Friend, please fill out the webform below, an Information Sheet is provided to give you something to write down your thoughts on before you fill in the boxes in this SECRET FRIEND Webform.

Once all webforms are collected, matches will be made and your Secret Friend’s information will be emailed to you. The reveal of who was matched with who – will take place at the CES Annual Meeting.

So… shhh… keep it secret and enjoy these months of sending happiness in the mail!

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