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Ohio JCEP Committees

The work of the Ohio Joint Council of Extension Professionals is done largely via the efforts of its nine standing committees. Follow the links below to find out more about the current efforts of each committee, as well as contact information for the committee chair and chair-elect.

There are many leadership opportunities within each committee, including the chair and chair-elect positions, which are to be selected by simple majority of the committee members present when the vote is taken, no later than October 31 of each year.

Executive: comprised of the five officers and the state association presidents, the Excecutive Committee works together to prepare the agenda for all Board of Director meetings and to determine election procedures for Board of Directors of the organization.

Global Relations: promotes international opportunities and programming within Extension.

Marketing: publishes communications used by members; oversees web and other technology-based member communications; works closely with the Membership Recruitment and Retention committee.

Membership Recruitment and Retention: actively works to recruit, retain and involve all Ohio JCEP-eligible Extension personnel; promotes effective working relationships and a spirit of fellowship among members; works closely with the Marketing committee.


Personnel: monitors and reports on salary and benefits information; monitors and assesses the advantages and disadvantages of the faculty promotion and tenure process or the advancement system of unclassified and/or senior administrative and professional (A&P) employees, and conducts or obtains access to a salary analysis comparing North Central Region states for faculty and non-faculty. Members of OSU Extension and CSU Extension administration are not eligible to serve on this committee to due potential conflicts of interest.


Policy: This committee has the goal of insuring the Board has policies and procedures in place to guide the operation of the Organization and adheres to these policies.


Professional Development: promotes professional excellence, personal development and leadership among Extension personnel; works closely with Scholarships, Grants and Recognition committee.


Public Issues: actively works to build and strengthen political and public support for Extension through consistent and targeted communication with local, state and federal decision makers and agencies; educates and informs the membership about public issues and legislative matters affecting Extension programs and staff.

Resource Development and Management: generates new ideas for resource development and management for professional development activities.

Scholarships, Grants and Recognition: administers and provides leadership to the state, regional and national award programs; and oversees the selection and distribution of professional development scholarships.