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Ohio Joint Council of Extension Professionals

Mission: To promote the professional development of and to provide ongoing support for the professionals of Ohio land-grant universities.

2023 Ohio JCEP Annual Report

2023 Extension Award Winners
2023 Ohio JCEP Constitution and Bylaws (approved 12/4/23)
2024 Ohio JCEP Meeting Dates
Date Location Committees Admin Update Board Meeting
2/5/24 In Person 10am - Noon 1-2pm 2-4pm
3/18/24 In Person 10am - Noon 1-2pm 2-4pm
5/20/24 In Person 10am - Noon 1-2pm 2-4pm
8/19/24 Virtual     10am - Noon
10/21/24 In Person 10am - Noon 1-2pm  

The Joint Council of Extension Professionals is an umbrella organization of seven member organizations whose mission is to elevate Extension's national reputation as an organization of excellence and synergistically leverage the strengths of member associations to foster leadership, collaboration, professional development, scholarly activity, and strategic partnerships, as well as advocate for the profession.

  • Ohio JCEP membership is open to Ohio State University Extension and Central State University Extension employees who have an administrative and professional (A&P) or faculty appointment.
  • The Ohio Joint Council of Extension Professionals (Ohio JCEP) was formed in late 2012, when the membership of Ohio's Alpha Eta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) and the Ohio Association of Extension Professionals (OAEP) voted to merge.
  • The work of Ohio JCEP is primarily carried out by the Ohio JCEP board of directors and several committees.

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National associations promote professional and overall Extension organization improvement on a national level.