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Ohio State University Extension


Area Leaders

As of July 1, 2018, OSU Extension professionals will operate within smaller administrative units, led by area leaders. These smaller units (groups of counties) replace the five previous regions. The area leaders will act as operational guides, performance coaches, and connectors for impacts between counties, across the state, and with university resources. They also will facilitate implementation of the stewardship model in each county. The area leaders will supervise all employees at the local level within their assigned area, with the exception of community nutrition professionals.

These individuals were chosen to be area leaders due to their strong reputation for educational programming and consistently high annual performance, their managerial competencies, their vision for supporting Extension colleagues, and their ability to be excellent stewards of local funding.

OSU Extension Area Map

Area 1 Michael Schweinsberg
Area 2 Megan Arnold
Area 3 Mary Beth Albright
Area 4 Jeff McCutcheon (interim)
Area 5 Nicole Debose
Area 6 Beth Smith (interim)
Area 7 Jason Hedrick
Area 8 Andrea Rees
Area 9 Melinda Hill
Area 10 Eric Barrett
Area 11 Nate Arnett (interim)
Area 12 Kathy Tutt
Area 13 Andrea Rees (interim)
Area 14 Christine Kendle
Area 15 Nate Arnett
Area 16 Chris Bruynis
Area 17 Lindsey Latscha
Area 18 Shannon Carter
Area 19 Pam Montgomery
Area 20 Amanda Bohlen
Area 21 Victoria Fresh
Area 22 Kathy Bruynis
Area 23 Treva Williams
Area 24 Michelle Stumbo

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