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The OSU Extension Operations Team serves as an interface between OSU Extension and the central support units of CFAES and Ohio State.


  1. Program Numbers for Workday

    Sep 28, 2023

    PG#s Workday Report: A full list of programs can be found here in workday searching “Program - FDM Values” report.

    Here are the common program values for program areas and a couple other frequently used ones:

    PG102187 Administration- though please consider IF this is really needed, as Fund#s without PG#s could be considered the ADMIN fund

    PG103599 OSUE 4-H Program

    PG103616 FCS Programs

  2. Employee Apparel - Branded Merchandise

    Sep 27, 2023

    When ordering branded merchandise:

  3. General Records Retention Schedule

    Sep 27, 2023

    As some offices may be moving or cleaning out, these would be ideal opportunities to reduce the amount of paper housed at local offices. Some counties may have S4 and S3 information that needs to be destroyed. Social security numbers, birth dates, copies of checks, etc. are all items we should not keep. With much of the needed backup information housed electronically, few receipts must be kept beyond the reconciliation period. Annually files should be cleaned out to lessen unnecessary accumulation of stored paper. Check here for records retention resources: