The OSU Extension Operations Team serves as an interface between OSU Extension and the central support units of CFAES and Ohio State.


  1. Extension is to use Extension's Deposit Transmittal Form

    Nov 24, 2020

    When sending in checks to be deposited into your Columbus funds - BE SURE TO USE THE Extension Deposit Transmittal Form  AND BE SURE TO SEND TO: Dawnn Brown IN ROOM 3 - NOT the Service Center in Room 4- they do NOT handle our deposits. The full address is on the form.


    Nov 24, 2020

    WORKDAY: Calendar, Training and Resources

    CALENDAR - Workday Dates- Procurement & Travel

  3. Amex Cards to PCards

    Oct 20, 2020

    You may have seen some recent updates from OSP or the Controller’s Office that the OSP Amex card program is going away, and they will begin to issue new PNC Visa cards for OSP projects in late December.