The OSU Extension Operations Team serves as an interface between OSU Extension and the central support units of CFAES and Ohio State.


  1. Airfare Not Permitted on PCards

    Sep 21, 2021

    PCard Office

    A reminder as we resume travel for business: The university's travel initiative requires that all business travel airfare must be booked through the university's contracted agencies.

    Airfare with business travel requirements:

  2. Travel Info

    Sep 16, 2021

    When is a Spend Authorization needed? If the travel has expenses other than incidentals (those that cannot be put on the travel log like REGISTRATION) - then a new SA is needed for that one-off trip: If a virtual conference/session- no travel, only registration- then the registration is considered non-travel and no SA needed- *** it’s important to clearly mark virtual in the business purpose and/or memo
  3. Staples Returns

    Sep 13, 2021

    To return items to Staples:

    Please send an email to Support_EA@staples.com or call 800-557-6268.  That is your dedicated support team.

    They will need to know your account number (1822387) and either your PO number or your Staples order number (attaching a copy of the packing slip would be helpfu).

    Let them know you are Regional and not on Campus, so you will need the items picked up at your location as well as Credited.